NHS Havens

NHS Havens 6

Miller Bourne has worked (and continues to work) with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the creation of dedicated mental health crisis assessment facilities that provide support and assessment for adults.

We were approached by the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in response to their need to move emergency mental health facilities out of A&E.
Their aim was to create drop-in 24-hour ‘Havens’ in a calm environment in health facility locations where wider mental health support facilities were also present.

The Trust approached Miller Bourne to create Havens at multiple sites across the county and we have currently completed four, with others in the planning stage.

A Haven consists of a reception waiting room, assessment room, patient treatment room (usually consisting of three bays with reclining chairs), a patient accessible shower room, a staff observation room, medicine dispensary room and staff beverage facilities.

All facilities need to comply with regulatory Health Bulletin Notes and Health Technical Memoranda (HBNs & HTMs) for mental health care. Finishes are designed as required to be robust and safe while also creating a calm, welcoming and not overtly ‘clinical’ feel.

Our Haven work has since resulted in our involvement in wider mental health projects at various secure hospitals across the county for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

These have included a Section 136 Suite, Crisis Team offices and welfare, patient bedrooms with ensuite shower rooms, accessible bathrooms, sluice rooms, patient ADL kitchens, beverage, social and activity areas.

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