Public Sector

Miller Bourne has extensive experience working with local authorities on the design of affordable housing, community buildings and civic infrastructure

We believe places have the power to shape a more positive future – for the people who use them, for local communities, and for our planet.

We’ve worked with local authorities on the design of public buildings in the south of England for over three decades, delivering facilities that balance social value as well as economics and sustainability.

Our portfolio of work with local councils encompasses schools, libraries, social care and health facilities, residential developments, social housing, sports and leisure facilities, community centres and more.

Understanding of local authority procedures

In that time, we’ve developed in-depth local knowledge of ‘working within the system’ and of the planning and statutory rules that need to be addressed.

Our experience has taught us the importance of engaging early with interested parties – be they user groups, the local community, statutory authorities or governing bodies – so their thoughts and needs can be fed into the design process and a consensus established.

We also have extensive experience of local councils’ procurement and economic viability frameworks and fully understand the importance of regularly testing the design against the budget to ensure the viability of the project for sign-off at the end of each stage.

Placing social value at the heart of good design

With every project, we strive to generate innovative, sustainable and exciting design solutions to improve communities’ quality of life and ensure capital funding stretches as far as possible.

public sector architecture
  • "What we do at ESCC isn't commercial, it's a public service. Miller Bourne recognise who they're working with, and they know what is required. They have worked with ESCC on numerous community projects. Their expertise with the workings of the local authority – and the broader public sector is highly valued – as is their understanding of the need to achieve financial and sustainable value with their robust, futureproofed and fit for purpose solutions."
    Alice Smyth, Programme Manager, East Sussex County Council