We are architects who will listen hard and ask the right questions to understand how your building will unlock real returns for you

Our approach

Whether you’re a school bursar, a public-sector client or a private contractor, we know that you’ll have competing constraints and business prerogatives.

So, we will always apply our creativity, a problem-solving mindset and an understanding of your needs in our work with you to deliver beautiful, contextual projects that are fit for purpose and loved by the people who use them.

We will listen hard and ask the right questions to understand how your building will translate into real returns for you – be that social value, accountability to the taxpayer, accommodating user behaviour, meeting multi-stakeholder visions, futureproofed design, or speed of cost-efficient, buildable delivery.

Everything we do is underpinned by our belief in the importance of design excellence, buildability, and sustainability...

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

Our story

Miller Bourne Architects is a Chartered Practice of the Royal Institute of British Architects based on the south coast of England in Brighton & Hove.

We work with varied project types, scales and clients, and have built a broad portfolio of public, commercial, housing and community projects. Project values range up to £25 million.

As custodians of a practice founded in 1958, we have also grown to become a leading specialist architect in the education sector, for both independent and state schools.

Our history

Our founders, Robert Miller and Ken Bourne, established our practice in Brighton, as a division of one of the UK's largest firms of architects, Fitzroy Robinson & Partners, London. The company name was changed in 1983 to The Miller Bourne Partnership. The practice was located in central Hove for many years, before becoming Miller Bourne LLP and relocating in 2006 to our present office building close to the beach beside Hove Lagoon.

miller bourne architects team

Our shared values

  • To listen to our clients carefully and understand their objectives and dreams
  • To design beautiful and future-proofed buildings that are built to last
  • To be inventively flexible for optimum design solutions and buildability
  • To ensure every building is sustainable, technically sound and well-detailed
  • To ensure timely delivery and excellent value
  • To facilitate all this via strong collaborative relationships and our love of what we do






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Amy Gordon, Partner

BA (Hons), Dip Arch, MSc

Amy Gordon v3

“Every design is effectively a prototype. I never fail to feel a high when a building is realised.”

Lateral thinking is a key strength and motivator for Amy, who, alongside her design role, as Partner has joint responsibility for running and managing the practice. Amy enjoys taking a hands-on approach to all her projects and being very much part of the team.

“Looking at problems in a fresh way is the essence of what we do. That’s whether it’s making a site ‘work hard’ for a client or determining the internal planning of a building. I especially enjoy the challenges of problem-solving when a project is on site,” she says.

“But my real job satisfaction is seeing a building coming out of the ground and then, on completion, being able to walk round it.”

Amy has been part of the Miller Bourne team for over 25 years and values the practice’s coastal location. “Being able to walk along the front at lunchtime to clear my head is wonderful and helps spark ideas. I always love looking at the sea, however blustery the weather.”

A standout project? “I have been involved in five major projects at Eastbourne College, culminating in the Nugee and Winn Buildings, which were part of 'Project 150' (celebrating 150 years of the college). It joined three major projects into one: a sports centre, swimming pool and dining hall together with classrooms. We had a great team and the project was a brilliant success.

At the opposite end of the scale size-wise, the Crew Club also stands out for me. With a very limited budget and an amazing local community I am really proud of the special place we created to provide essential services, support, education, entertainment and a sense of community to local young people. Projects like this make it all worthwhile.

A building she’d have liked to have designed? “I love the Art Deco era, so it’d have to be the Chrysler Building in New York – simply beautiful.”

Key Projects

  • Eastbourne College
  • Science Centre
  • DT Department
  • Nugent House Boarding Accommodation
  • The Birley Centre
  • Project 150 – Nugee and Winn Buildings

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Management
  • Practice Financial Control
  • Team Leadership
  • Bid Co-ordination
  • Contract Administration Lead

Patrick Hudson, Partner

BA (Hons), Dip Arch

Patrick Hudson v3

“It still amazes me when you see your building completed and you think back to the first concept sketches. Seeing it finished, with people using and enjoying it, is such a great feeling.”

Patrick is one of Miller Bourne’s four Partners. He joined the practice in 2002, moving to Hove from London, having worked on the urban redevelopment of historic warehouses in the London Docklands.

“I really enjoy collaborating with our team at Miller Bourne. We all have such diverse and different personal skills, and we’re all friendly and supportive. We also partner with a wide variety of clients, consultants and contractors in a collaborative way to achieve the end buildings,” he says.

“A big part of my role is putting together the right team and ensuring good relations with clients. Both are fundamental to the success of every project.”

Build quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness (“over the cheapest solution”) are priorities for Patrick, who says he’s most creatively efficient when he’s out running and has a clear head or walking his “very energetic dog”.

A standout project? Eastbourne College Sports Centre. “I’m a sports enthusiast and it was so rewarding designing and constructing a high-quality facility for kids to enjoy, learn and develop new sports. The swimming pool was my personal highlight. They’re technically very complicated buildings so there was a lot to research to get right. We had a great team of other consultants to work with. I'm very proud of the end result.”

A building he’d have liked to have designed? “The Sydney Opera House.”

Key Projects

  • Eastbourne College Sports Centre and Dining Hall
  • The Birley Centre Music School
  • Burstow 2FE Primary School
  • Platt St Mary 1 FE Primary School
  • Residential apartments, Mill Hill Close, Haywards Heath

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Management Lead
  • Practice Insurance Lead
  • BID Co-ordination
  • Concept Design
  • Masterplanning
  • Technical Standards

Richard Morrice, Partner

BA (Hons), Dip. Arch

Richard Morrice v4

“Architecture is inherently about trying to solve a multitude of problems in a beautiful way.”

Richard has shared responsibility for running the practice. He says Miller Bourne strives to run a “supportive and flat structure”, with an open, creative and interactive studio environment where anybody can be put forward ideas: “We’ve a brilliant and diverse team of people, so if there’s a problem, it’s likely someone has come across it before. You learn and pass on so much during a quick conversation across the studio.” He's from the Brighton area (“I’ve never found a better place to live”). Weekends, he can usually be found: “on the sea paddling something, or swimming, or cycling or walking over the Downs with our dog, Harry”.

As a child, Richard “loved drawing and making things” and was “always going to do something building-related”. He and his younger brother helped their dad and granddad build extensions to their house. “I became the architect, and my brother became a QS!” Today, much of his work involves “solving problems”. “That could be at the macro level of masterplanning a school campus or at the micro level of determining how a set of materials can be put together in a logical process to form an attractive detail,” he says. His big satisfaction is “making something that can make a positive difference” to people’s lives: “I love the journey from initial sketches and discussions into the process of collaborative work with client, the design team and contractor, to finished building.”

A bugbear? “The need for illogical and unnecessary rules and bureaucracy that are poorly conceived and implemented.”

A standout project? “There have been many! The recent school building we completed at Hailsham Community College is one I’m proud of for the team ethos achieved by the client, consultants and contractor. The project was designed and constructed through Covid but ended up comfortably within budget, ahead of time, and most importantly will make a huge improvement to the school teaching environment for years to come”.

A building he’d have liked to have designed? “I’d have to ‘go grand’ and say the La Sagrada Família Basilica by Antonio Gaudí.”

Key Projects

  • Seaford Head Golf Club
  • Yehudi Menuhin School Music Studio Building
  • Chandlers Wharf - Lewes
  • Halisham Primary School
  • Hailsham Community College
  • The Parish Centre Ashstead

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Management Lead
  • BID Co-ordination
  • Concept Design
  • Masterplanning
  • Technical Standards

Christian Richards, Partner

BA (Hons), Dip. Arch

Christian Richards v4

“It feels good today to be working within the architecture field. I feel that through sustainable design, we can play a real role in helping combat the climate emergency.”

Christian is one of Miller Bourne’s four partners. He joined the practice in 1995, straight after completing his professional training at University of Plymouth.

He was drawn to architecture because it seemed like “a creative job with a basis in a practical reality, rather than something too abstract.

Many of his most creative design ideas, he says, have come to him in the most unexpected of situations, and therefore it’s good to keep a sketchbook and pen handy. He adds that the ability to look and listen have been fundamental to his success in architecture, as well as big-picture thinking, strong client communications and creative problem solving.

Miller Bourne’s open studio working suits his sociable personality: “Our office is fun and good for collaboration. I love that we all take a real interest in everyone else’s projects and that advice always flows easily.”

A standout project? "The extension to the Centre for Performing Arts at Caterham School. It was a tricky site and technically difficult but the design exceeded expectations and is something the school loves. I’m so happy about my part in that.”

A building he’d have liked to have designed? “Le Corbusier’s Chapel Ronchamp for showing that Modernism had a human side and doesn’t just create ‘a machine for living’.”

Something about Christian that would surprise us? “I dislike heights very much. But I once jumped off the top of the tallest building in Auckland, NZ”

Gabi Aptelis, Architect

MSc Sustainable Development, BA (Hons) Arch

Gabi Crop 1

“The best thing about architecture is the complexity. It’s what keeps it interesting, working right from the small technical details to large masterplans. There are never two projects the same, which means I’m always learning.”


Gabi, originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, first came to study Architecture in Brighton in 2011, drawn by the city's “jelly-bean” colourful terrace houses, turquoise blue sea and quirky lanes. “To keep your inspiration alive, you need to keep changing your surroundings,” she believes. She did just that, moving to Gothenburg, Sweden, to study for her Masters in Sustainable Development & Urban Planning, and then back to London, to qualify as a Chartered Architect.

“For me,” Gabi says, “architecture is not just about buildings, it's about shaping environments that resonate with people and nature”. Her dedication to this philosophy is evident in her work, which balances urban and natural settings, with a focus on low-impact, sustainable design.

At the heart of Gabi's practice is the joy of tackling complex issues. “Seeing the big picture and breaking it down into manageable steps” is where she excels.

Her passion for the arts extends to the dance floor, where she brings the same flair to jazz dancing as she does to her architectural projects. “It's all about explaining abstract ideas simply and clearly,” she says.


Something about Gabi that would surprise us? She’s a classically trained pianist and a wild swimmer: “I’m always on the lookout for swimming opportunities: it’s a part of my Lithuanian identity. Whether it’s a beautiful forest lake or an icy one in the Arctic (yes, that one was very cold!), even a quick dip in the sea during a lunch break, I’m up for it.”

Key Responsibilities

  • Concept Design
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Project Delivery

Harry, Junior Office Dog

Harry v2

“I’m always keen to welcome staff in the morning, generally lighten moods – and finish up any scraps of food.”

Originally from the streets of Romania, Harry had a tough start in life. He was rescued by the charity Give a Dog a Home and adopted into the home of Partner Richard Morrice.

He’s the youngest and by far the most immature member of staff. Despite extensive efforts to encourage him to concentrate and apply himself, Harry remains easily distracted by the sounds of rustling paper, the ring of the office doorbell, or the irresistible sight of his office colleagues eating any type of food.

In his spare time, though, Harry loves to be chased. (His short, fast legs and low centre of gravity give him a Lionel Messi-like agility.)

Key Responsibilities (official)

Reduction of employee stress, boosting of office morale and promotion of productivity.

Key Responsibilities (actual)

Eating (anything and everything). Laying in the sunniest spot, normally on any beds and chairs that he knows he isn’t allowed on.

Santa Cerbikova, Architect

BA (Hons) Arch, Dip Arch, MA

Santa Cerbikova v3

“I believe that architecture has an immense agency – and therefore also responsibility – in shaping a world where both people and natural systems can thrive together.”

Santa is our Practice Sustainability Lead and hails from Talsi, a “small, green town” in Latvia. She moved to the UK to study architecture at the University of Portsmouth.

“Now I am a Brightonian though.” She loves trail running, hiking and rock climbing and living between the sea and the Downs. “The horizon and the big sky are always there, and I like the openness of people. Brighton feels a place where new ideas are welcome, and you can be whatever you want to be.”

She adds: “I feel very passionate about championing the wider and deeper understanding of all things related to the climate change and the built environment. I find it fascinating how closely everything is interlinked in our work: carbon, biodiversity, climate resilience, health and well-being of people, inclusivity, material sourcing… All of it is a big jigsaw, and it is exciting to realise that we can bring all the pieces to make sense together.”

Santa joined Miller Bourne in 2018: “The team is by far the most natural and comfortable I've ever been a part of. There is a real family feel to it and always lots of laughter.”

A standout project? “At the moment, probably the Hailsham Community College Academy Trust new teaching block. It was my qualification case study project. I got to work with some amazing people in the process and I really found my feet during this project.”

A building she’d have liked to have designed? “For me, that would be Peter Zumthor's St Benedict Chapel in Sumvitg, Switzerland. There is something very moving about its simplicity and tactility in the huge landscape.”

Key Projects

  • Hailsham Community College - New Teaching Block
  • Charterhouse School - Boarding Refurbishment projects
  • Hurstpierpoint College - New Boarding House
  • Burstow Primary School

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Sustainability Lead
  • Concept Design
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Project Delivery

Keith Clark, Office Assistant

Keith Clark v3

Keith is one of the longest serving members of staff, having started working at Miller Bourne in 1989.

For many years he was responsible for all the printing and post (when printing and post was a thing) as well as other general office duties. “I started in the print room back in the pre-digital day when hundreds of paper copies of drawings had to be printed, folded, and sent out to clients, consultants and contractors! A big part of my role is now our zero-carbon drive and the organisation of our recycling efforts.”

In recent years, with the increase in technology and our near paperless office, his workload has reduced but he is still a valued member of staff. Plus, without him there’d be no croissants for our full office Monday morning coffee break! “I like the friendly atmosphere in the office and as I’ve worked here for so long, it’s like family to me,” he says.

A lifelong Albion supporter and all-round sports fan, Keith possesses a forensic memory (especially for 1980s No 1 hits!) and can recall facts and dates about members of staff and things that happened at Miller Bourne moons ago.

Paul Hazell, Senior Architect

BA (Hons) Arch, Dip Arch, Part 3 (ARB/RIBA)

Paul Hazell v3

“Architecture is a profession that never sits still. As all people interact with habitation and shelter every day, I believe we play a key part in how we live and evolve within our changing planet.”

Paul joined us in 2006, looking then to “put in practice what he had learned” at Brighton and the South Bank universities.

But his interest in architecture, he thinks, began much earlier. “I’ve been interested in design and buildings from a young age. I can remember drawing pictures of houses, shops and other buildings even at primary school age.”

That fascination hasn’t stopped, after working on countless design projects. “Architecture’s such a continuingly developing field with new technologies and products coming on stream. Today, how we work with those effectively and in turn present our ideas is the forefront of what we do.”

He values Miller Bourne’s collaborative design studio: “It allows us to bounce ideas off each other in a contextual design sense.” His best ideas, he adds, come from an exposure to the proposed building surroundings and by not working in isolation: “It’s so important to listen hard to the client and engage with their thoughts and aspirations.”

A standout project? Walthamstow Hall: The Lang Centre. For this, we were a great design team that worked really well together, developing ideas and working through problems. We had a concise brief for a challenging site, including connecting to an existing building with a partial basement, and we were so pleased with the overall building.

A building he’d have liked to have designed? “Pompidou Centre, Paris. I love the way it challenged the preconceptions of what a building should be and how it should be engaged with.”

Key Projects

  • Dunottar School Sixth Form Centre
  • Hailsham Community College
  • Dunotta School Performing Arts Centre
  • Walthamstow Hall School Sixth Form Building
  • Walthamstow Hall School New Nursery & Dining Hall

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Technical Standards Lead
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Delivery
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Masterplanning

Sukhey Hodgson, Office Manager

Sukhey 1

“Facilitating a supportive environment where both staff and clients thrive has always been my goal.”


After 16 years’ experience in administration in the education sector, Sukhey delivers brilliant office support to us all at Miller Bourne Architects. Her previous role honed her skills in empathy and problem-solving – essential for the fast-paced demands of an architectural practice.

Working in the design studio, she says, is never dull. “There are always so many different projects underway – in the arts, education or housing sectors – and though I’m not involved in the design aspect, I feel part of them all. Everyone’s always keen to share with all team members how a project’s progressing.”

Sukhey, originally from Berkshire, is now “almost a Brightonian” (after 20 years living here, having been drawn by the city’s laidback feel) and the fact that her partner also “happens to be a massive Brighton and Hove Albion fan”.


Something about Sukhey that would surprise us? “I’m finally learning to ride a bike!”

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Manager
  • EQMS Manager
  • Training Standards Coordinator 

Augustyna Janczak, Part 2 Architectural Assistant

BA (Hons) Arch, MA

Augi Crop

“For me, architecture’s about creating spaces that tell a story and resonate with who we are.”


“Architecture is the perfect blend of technology and art,” Augustyna says, reflecting on her journey from De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester to the collaborative space of Miller Bourne.

She started her voyage after graduating from high school in Poland. Her roots lie in Puszczykowo, a stone's throw from Poznan, from where she discovered “different countries, their traditions, diverse cultures, and their unique structures” during her travels with her family. These experiences “shaped my interests and inspired me to pursue architecture”.

Before landing at Miller Bourne, she dipped her toes in graphic design “seeing how far I can push the boundaries in the digital world”. It's this passion that makes her a “big-picture thinker” in our team, especially when it comes to “tackling tricky issues and finding clever solutions”.

What Augustyna loves about architecture is “that it allows me to keep my creativity flowing.” It's the industry's dynamic nature, the dance of “new technology, the latest design trends,” and the “impact of different societies and cultures” that keeps her inspired.

Outside the studio, her life is just as vibrant. She's a tennis enthusiast, with a love for photography and videography as a creative outlet to “express myself creatively and capture special moments”.

Brighton and Hove has become the canvas for her life, where the city's heartbeat can be felt through its “lively arts scenes, diverse culture, and friendly community.” She loves “the glimpses of the sea you can catch from almost every little street”.


Something about Augustyna that would surprise us? Augustyna won a national online design competition at age 11– a hint at the future she had ahead …

Key Responsibilties

  • Concept Design
  • Technical Assistant
  • Project Delivery

Tom Julian, Architectural Technician

ACIAT, HNC in Construction and the Built Environment

Tom Julian v3

“I take pride in the design and presentation of production information and strive to make it as easily understood as possible for my fellow professionals.”

Tom is experienced with AutoCAD and REVIT and an associate member of CIAT. He is an avid sportsperson - “my best ideas come to me when I’m exercising and exposed to the elements”.

Although his first aspiration was to play football professionally, he has always taken a keen interest in construction and becoming a second-generation technician was a close second!

Day-to-day at Miller Bourne, he will be found collaborating with engineers among others to produce detailed design drawings and managing queries contractors may have on site.

The studio environment, he says, is a fertile learning ground. “I have worked at the practice for over 4 years: regular knowledge sharing between staff is instrumental to my continued development. Our work here is very collaborative.”

For him, some of the most important skills to have in his role are “a good knowledge of construction buildability and sequencing, as well as the ability to problem solve and upskill, particularly in relation to BIM”.

A standout project? “It has been rewarding to work on several projects at Charterhouse School. I enjoy helping to provide the excellent educational and boarding facilities their pupils require.”

A building he’d have liked to have designed? “The Sydney Opera House. I admire the synthesis of engineering and art, its elegant proportions and flowing forms.”

Key Projects

  • Charterhouse School: Boarding Houses/Staff Residencies
  • Fonthill Houses
  • Caterham School Sports Centre Extension

Key Responsibilities

  • Project Delivery
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Project Co-ordination

Conor McCabe, Senior Technician

BA (Hons) Arch

Conor Crop

“Technical architecture is more than a role for me; it's about crafting spaces where lives unfold.”


“Taking a design from a drawing to a building, with all the technical steps required, is what I enjoy most,” Conor says. His career, rooted in the technical intricacies of architecture, reflects a dedication to shaping environments that are sustainable and functional.

His journey in architecture began at the University of Cape Town. He then honed his technical skills on numerous residential and commercial projects in Zimbabwe. This experience, he believes, “brings lateral thinking to my work and a different perspective”.

During his previous tenure at Brighton & Hove City Council (2017 – 2023), he helped deliver new-build and social housing schemes, including one that won a national award at the Unlock Net Zero awards for its sustainable approach using MMC construction techniques, ground source heat pumps and green walls to promote biodiversity.

Conor especially loves “designing drawings” on a 2D canvas. He takes pride in “coming up with ways to display all the technical information in a format that’s clear and reads in a beautiful way”.

Living in Brighton, he says, is wonderful and “about as south as I can get here to the equator”.


Something about Conor that would surprise us? “I’m pretty good at painting, especially miniatures and trees.” (Hobbies that, like his technical drawings, capture the essence of his detail-oriented approach ...)

Key Responsibilities

  • Project Delivery
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Project Co-ordination

Ajax, Inter-Office Dog

Ajax Crop

“Always on the lookout for a bit of fuss and a quick game of zoomies.”


Rescued from the shores of Lesvos, Ajax's story began with uncertainty. But fortune barked his way when he was adopted by Conor McCabe, Senior Technician. His presence may not be pencilled into meeting agendas, but his role in boosting morale is inked into the hearts of us all.

Known for his impromptu sprints – his zoomies turning the office into an agility course –. Ajax is an expert at making everyone smile, whether seeking out cuddles or cleverly nabbing a stray sock. His unofficial visits to other offices in the building are part of his self-assigned rounds, ensuring no lap goes unsat-upon for long.

Key Responsibilities (official)

  • Welcoming everyone and in-house stress relief.

Key Responsibilities (actual)

  • Chief of cuddles and attention; sock liberation specialist and unofficial inter-office relations ambassador.

Adrian Odey, Associate & Senior Architect

BA (Hons) Arch, Dip Arch

Adrian Odey v2

“The technical side of the architectural design process is my biggest strength.”

Adrian has worked with Miller Bourne since 1994 and credits his father for sparking his interest in architecture. “My Dad completed an Open University module in Modern Architecture when I was a child. It was what opened my eyes to new possibilities”.

His role at the practice is multi-sided, and he says his strengths lie in the technical side of architecture. As well as delivering his architectural skills, he is also a construction technician, BIM expert, a heritage consultant and office computer systems technician, but says he enjoys working in a collaborative studio environment: “It’s so great to be able to draw on the wide range of experience we have among colleagues.”

A building he’d have liked to have designed? “Maison Cauchie in Brussels.”

Key Projects

  • Hastings Library
  • Private House in West Sussex
  • Ashtead Village Hall
  • Roedean School Boarding house refurbishments
  • Sussex County Cricket Ground Southwest Stand & Cricket School
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital Home – Alexandra Ward Building

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Conservation Lead
  • Practice IT & BIM Co-ordination
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Project Delivery

Emma Spandler, Senior Architect

BA (Hons) Arch, Dip Arch

Emma Spandler v4

“For me, the combination of creativity, problem solving and communication skills with client and professional team are core to the success of any architectural project.”

Emma has a special interest in interior design and space planning. “I think that interior spaces should be user-focussed and designed and coordinated so that they’re exciting, functional and efficient,” she says.

Master planning is also a speciality: “I find it so rewarding to engage with a client and analyse a site to produce a long-term development framework”. Another interest is sustainable building practices: “Given the current environmental crisis, it’s something that I feel clients are now very interested in and that we have a duty to assist them with.”

Emma credits her secondary school art teacher for encouraging her to consider architecture.

“I’ve always been creative and became increasingly interested in architecture, having toyed first with stage and interior design.”

Having joined Miller Bourne as a new graduate, Emma has been with the practice for over 20 years. She says: “That’s proof of how much I enjoy working here! Our studio means I’m surrounded by likeminded people with a similar work ethic. We’re all open to sharing design ideas, technical solutions and lessons learned. The atmosphere is informal and fun, but we all have a healthy respect for deadlines.”

A standout project? “I loved working on the Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) project here at Miller Bourne. It was a charitable endeavour and the theatre, which is a horseshoe-shaped open-air, tiered amphitheatre, is now enjoyed by so many people, including my own family! I love it when I see how much that this project has been of real benefit to the local and wider community.”

A building she’d have liked to have designed? “I admire the modest and intelligent design of Goldsmith Street for Norwich City Council. It shows that affordable housing can be environmentally and socially conscious.”

Key Projects

  • Caterham School - Sports Centre Extension
  • Caterham School - Performing Arts Centre Extension
  • Caterham School – Sports Pavilion Building
  • Caterham School – Masterplan
  • Charterhouse School – Boarding House Refurbishment Projects
  • Charterhouse School – Resource Centre & School Shop
  • Brighton Open Air Theatre

Key Responsibilities

  • Practice Interiors Lead
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Project Delivery

Christopher Turner, Architect

BA (Hons) Arch, Dip Arch, MA

Christopher Turner v2

“Good architecture doesn’t simply ‘sit’ within a landscape or environment but is an integral part of its identity. Buildings are places are where stories unfold; where memories are made, and moments are shared.”

Christopher, who “loves confusing his team with his Northern idioms”, is from Lancashire, and a creative “polymath”, with passions (aside from architecture) for cinematography, creative writing, and music composition.

He joined our team in 2020, after achieving his MArch at Huddersfield Uni: “I traded my red rose (House of Lancaster) for white (House of York)!”, and a couple of years with other practices.

“Miller Bourne felt like the right balance: it’s a practice where I can challenge myself, learn, take on responsibility, and really move towards my ambitions.”

Now known as our early bird (and table-tennis table hogger!), what he most enjoys about our studio collaboration, he says, is the mix of “coffee, chatter and heads-down-hard-work”. Plus the fact that colleagues are always at hand: “whenever there’s a detail that requires support, a professional opinion or advice”.

Christopher is also a writer and feels that the idea of narrative is a link to his choice of career within architecture: “By that I mean that as an architect, I also see myself as a place maker, an urban storyteller and someone who looks for meaning, patterns and identity in our landscapes, to build ‘human narratives’.”

“My academic experience invested a real emphasis on the importance of understanding people and places,” he says. “Mankind has long shaped the environment, but these places also shape us. So, if we want to live in a better world, then we really ought to ensure that each any every project is undertaken with that aim.”

A building he’d have liked to have designed? “One building. The Great Pyramid of Giza.”

Something Chris that would surprise us? “Three things! My first job role was 3D artist. I directed a short film called ‘Anger Chains’. I won many art competitions as a child and was selected to paint a vast jungle mural.”

Key Responsibilities

  • Concept Design
  • Design Lead
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Project Delivery

Harry Wesley, RIBA Part 1 Architectural Assistant

BA (Hons) Arch

Harry 1

“Good design is about solving problems and crafting spaces and there's always a unique path to achieving that.”


Harry, who grew up in Burgess Hill, was naturally drawn to architecture with his aptitude for maths and design. His skills were recognised during his third year of his studies at the University of Brighton where he won with the prestigious RIBA Sussex Prize.

From summers spent wielding tools on construction sites to part-time mechanical work, Harry's work experiences have sharpened his problem-solving skills. “I've always been around mechanics,” he says, “which gave me a practical edge in the hands-on world of construction.”

At Miller Bourne, Harry applies his abilities and flair for 3D modelling to create aesthetically pleasing visuals. “I thrive on the process,” he says, “from the initial sketch to the detailed plans and sections, and finally to the modelling stage where the vision starts to take shape.”

Harry is motivated by sustainable projects and the works of architects like Peter Zumthor. He also “loves living by sea”.


Something about Harry that would surprise us? Outside of work, he competes in the competitive strength sport of powerlifting.

Key Responsibilities

  • Visualisation
  • Initial Scheme Design
  • Project Support

Ellie Zaykova, Architectural Technologist

BSc (Hons) ArchTech

Ellie Zaykova v2

“Conceptual design and detailing are the parts of the architectural design process that I get real satisfaction from when it comes to bringing new structures to life.”

Ellie combines her passion for the built environment with her interest in technical design at Miller Bourne, having studied Architectural Technology at the University of Brighton.

Her specialist knowledge of REVIT (the software behind BIM – Building Information Modelling) and AutoCAD (the software behind CAD) helps her make the link between building design and production on projects.

Originally from Bulgaria, she loves the arty and multicultural ambiance of Brighton. Ellie cut her teeth as a BIM technician for London digital building solutions provider IBSECAD, before joining Miller Bourne in 2020. She was responsible for project information management and for creation of 3D models, structure and MEP services.

A standout project? “I was involved with the refurbishment and expansion of BAFTA's Grade II listed headquarters at Piccadilly in London, where I was the main person to re-draw the architecture and structural elements in Revit, in two distinct models that were combined within one Navisworks model.”

A building she’d have liked to have designed? “Literally any Calatrava building.”

Key Responsibilities

  • Revit Standards Lead
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Project Delivery

Olive, Senior Office Dog

Olive v2

“I’m a people dog so the studio is my favourite place. I particularly like joining in meetings.”

Olive’s a wiry-haired Vizsla. She belongs to Partner Patrick and she loves being in the office and saying hello to everyone.

Most lunch times, she gets to blow off steam with him on the beach outside our studio (where she loves sniffing out tasty family picnics in the summer or rotten fish washed up in the winter).

She’s not keen on noisy roads and cars so she’s always reluctant to leave at the end of the day.

Key Responsibilities (official): Bringing a sense of ‘relaxed calm’ to the studio. She’s so bouncy she finds ‘calm’ challenging but she’s brilliant at boosting everyone’s moods. It’s difficult not to feel happy when you’re greeted with her excitement and enthusiasm!

Key Responsibilities (actual): Knocking off papers from everyone’s desks with her whirring extra-long tail.

Net Zero 2030 Commitment

We recognise the vital role that we, as architects, have to play in reducing environmental impact and believe that the power of good design can help steer the climate change movement through sustainable construction.

Sustainability begins for us at home. We’re committed to minimising our own impact on the environment in all these ways, and more:

  • 70% reduction of energy use since 2015 via improved office building efficiencies and working practices
  • Development of Carbon Reduction Plan to target Net Zero by 2030 and further reduce our use of energy and resources
  • Introduction of stringent office recycling policy for all metal, timber, glass, plastics, electrical items, paper, card, and food waste.
  • Installation of cycle-friendly employer facilities, including cycle cleaning and maintenance area, staff shower, secure cycle store and clothes drying facilities.
Net Zero 2030 Commitment

Selected client list

Our clients are based predominantly in the south of England, where we have strong relationships with related professions. We work with them to create buildings that respond to our clients’ needs and those of the site and setting and that they will enjoy and benefit from into the future.


  • Aldro School
  • Banstead Prep School
  • Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Caterham School
  • Charterhouse School
  • Christ’s Hospital
  • Cranleigh School
  • Crawley Borough Council
  • East Sussex County Council
  • Eastbourne Borough Council
  • Eastbourne College
  • Glyndebourne Productions Ltd
  • Hawthorns School
  • Hurstpierpoint College
  • Kent County Council
  • Lancing College
  • Parkside School
  • Seaford College
  • Shoreham College
  • St Andrews Prep School
  • St Peter and St James Hospice
  • St Teresa’s School
  • Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Royal School
  • Walthamstow Hall School for Girls
  • West Sussex County Council
  • Worth School
  • Yehudi Menuhin School

Careers with Miller Bourne Architects

Our hardworking and collaborative team is what makes us. Our people grow with us and we grow with them. So, we’re proud that most choose to remain with us for many years.

Miller Bourne’s creative hub is a bright open-plan studio at our offices beside the sea in Brighton and Hove (ranked as one of the happiest and healthiest places to work in the UK –we agree!).

As an inclusive and hands-on team of experienced architects, trainee architects and technicians, we’re all supportive of one another.

We’re all inspired to design beautiful and fit-for-purpose buildings that create joy and make a positive impact for people, place and planet.

We love seeing our designs through to completion: solving the issues along the way, and then seeing the delight on our clients' faces when they enter the completed building for the first time.

We care about our people, and value the different skills and enthusiasms they bring. As an equal opportunities employer, we do all we can to support personal and professional development.

Whether you're an experienced professional looking for your next career move, or considering your first job as a graduate, we are always pleased to hear from people who want to be part of our team.

Careers with Miller Bourne Architects v2

What our clients say about the experience of working with us

  • "Miller Bourne manage to interpret and incorporate the vision of multiple stakeholders. They’re always friendly, willing to engage, and excellent at collaboration."
    Alice Smyth, Programme Manager, East Sussex County Council
  • "Miller Bourne work collaboratively to achieve your goals, rather than ever over-specifying or ‘dictating’. They're pragmatic and practical; they listen; they take your needs on board. Plus, they’re efficient and a pleasure to work with."
    Emma Humphreys, Estate Bursar, Charterhouse School
  • "Miller Bourne are passionate, professional and efficient. I’ve been so impressed with their reactivity and adaptivity and revised solutions, as the proposals have evolved."
    Kate Outterside, Strategic Land Manager, Rydon Homes
  • "Miller Bourne are pragmatic and practical. They think ‘outside the box’ to achieve buildability and affordability. Plus, they’re a friendly bunch. In this business, relationships are everything. Their team knows how to develop trust and that in turn engenders confidence."
    Robert Atkinson, Head Of Design, Southern Home Counties, Morgan Sindall
  • “As a practice, Miller Bourne have got clout and strong relationships with the independent schools sector and they always deliver an excellent service. They’re especially good at putting in creative features that help tie buildings to the heart of the school, but that also achieve modernity and sustainability”.
    Dan Higgins, CEO, Hurstpierpoint College
  • “Miller Bourne figure among my A-list ‘go-to’ architecture practices. They’re always brilliant – brilliant at translating project requirements into buildable and aesthetically pleasing design solutions; brilliant at communicating with stakeholders, other consultants and us (as contractors), and brilliant at jumping straight onto things.”
    Jenine Sa Andrade, Design Manager, Baxall Construction
  • "I wanted to congratulate you all on a really excellent scheme that foregrounds sustainability and carbon reduction. This will help our residents with the cost of living and health benefits and also future-proofs the homes against the impacts of climate change and anticipated changes in building regulations. It’s the first time I have seen a development come in with such good carbon savings, as well as consideration of whole-life carbon. Also – the evidence reports submitted with the planning application are models of clarity – really a pleasure to work on!"
    BHCC, Sustainability Team